No gimmicks, No up-selling, Just SELF DEFENSE through KARATE

During your training, Discipline, Motivation, Goal Setting Skills, and Confidence will come naturally.

Why Choose Clark's For The Best In Self Defense?

Clark's Self Defense was established in 1999 by Derrick Clark.  Since our opening, our goal has always been to provide a place for people of all ages to learn practical self defense in a safe and friendly environment.  We believe that everyone, regardless of their age and abilities should be able to learn how to defend themselves. 

Our studios provide basic to advanced martial arts instructions.  Our students range from white belt, a beginner, to advanced black belts.  We believe that each student needs to earn their rank by attending classes and working hard.  Because each student learns at a different pace, the amount of time between belts will vary between students.  We never put a student on a test unless that student is ready. 

We offer one program to our students.  Our program is designed to provide a full spectrum martial arts training and self defense.  We include empty hand techniques, weapon training, pressure point training, grappling, instructor training, and board breaking in our classes without the need to sign up for these programs individually at an added cost.    

Here are a few more reasons why our studios stand out from the rest:

- There is no joining fee or sign up fee. 

- There are no long term contracts.  Our membership is on a month to month basis.

- We offer unlimited classes during the month.

- Our schedule is very flexible with many classes to chose from.

- We offer weekend classes.

- There are no program upgrades.  You will learn everything you need to know without the need to pay extra.  

- Great referral program !

- Included in our program at no extra cost: 

  • Basic and advanced empty hand techniques and kicks
  • Martial Arts weapon training
  • Sparring
  • Forms and Katas
  • Board breaking
  • Pressure point techniques
  • Grappling
  • Techniques to escape holds, grabs, and chokes
  • Weapon disarment
  • Instructor training
617-407-2640 (Sarasota, FL)
508-404-7122 (Newton, MA)

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After School Program 

Through our after school program, Clark's Self Defense has been providing Self Defense instructions in over 40 elementary schools in the Boston, MA and Sarasota, FL areas.  Our program provides a great alternative to a traditional after school care at affordable prices.  Children are taut by our enthusiastic staff members who are passionate about teaching Self Defense and are excited to pass their knowledge to the younger generation. 

All of the instructors at Clark's Self Defense are dedicated to providing the highest quality of self defense and life protection skills to responsible citizens. For the maximum safety of our students, all instructors are fully insured and certified in C.P.R. and first aid. They work with you individually as your coach and trainer as well as your mentor.